Friday, June 27, 2014

Why should YOU go on a mission?

So you're considering a mission? Maybe you're just considering considering a mission! Well, you've come to the right blog.

You can read all you want about how I decided to go on a mission here. But today, I want to talk about YOU. Why should YOU go on a mission?

Keep in mind, all missions are very different, but I can promise you with all my heart that you can experience the same spiritual growth and blessings, no matter where you serve.

Since I'm a list person, let the list making commence!

Why should YOU go on a mission?

1. Being a missionary is a commandment, whether that means a full time mission or not. "And now, behold, I say unto you, that the thing which will be of the most worth unto you will be to declare repentance unto this people, that you may bring souls unto me, that you may rest with them in the kingdom of my father. Amen." D&C 15:6. Heavenly Father wants all of His children to come back to Him someday, and He might need YOUR help to get them there. Maybe that means a full time mission, maybe that means you need to reach out to a neighbor or friend and share the gospel with them!

2. Seeing other people change changes you. Seeing other people turn toward Christ has a strong impact on your personal testimony. Seeing the sacrifices and changes other people go through to repent and come closer to Christ is extremely humbling and has helped me see how much more of my own life I could be giving for the gospel.

3. In addition to seeing other people change you get to see yourself change! Spending 16 hours a day (the other 8 sleeping), 7 days a week for 18 to 24 months thinking about and doing missionary work changes you a tiny little bit. Or a really big bit. You talk with thousands of people about religion, you have the privilege of being within sight and sound of one specific person 24/7, you spend hours and hours and hours studying gospel materials (553 hours {or over 23 full days} over a period of 18 months to be exact), you follow the Spirit in knowing how certain people can progress towards making covenants with Heavenly Father. All of these things (along with the other thousand things you do as a missionary) will bless your life and increase your knowledge of the gospel.

4. You can see what kind of return missionary you want to be. I've met a lot of return missionaries on my mission. As often as I can I try to get their advice and input on what it's like going home after a mission and adjusting to real life. When you come on a mission and see other people who have already been through their 18-24 months it helps put in perspective how short of a time we have to serve the Lord full time.

5. While you are gone, your family will be blessed. I know this may seem contradictory but I promise it's true. I see it in my own family and in other families with missionaries out. Your example of following Christ and serving Him will rub off on your family and friends and they will receive blessings as you are obedient and enthusiastic in missionary service.

6. Finally, last but not least, you will meet some of the best friends of your life on a mission! Companions, other missionaries, investigators and recent converts, the members, all of the people you get to interact with on a mission make for a lot of best friends and lasting memories. Look at Alma and Amulek in the Book of Mormon (Alma 8), they got to serve each other and preach the gospel together and they became the best of friends!

All in all, there are a lot of reasons you should go on a mission. But the bottom line is that you have to pray about it. Pray and ask your Heavenly Father what kind of missionary service He needs you to do. Maybe He needs you as a full time missionary, maybe He needs you as a service missionary, maybe He needs you as a member missionary, there are countless opportunities for you to help others come unto Christ!

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