Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Pressing Forward

With the new year approaching we are all reflecting on how we spent 2014. It's strange to look back and see that I spent the entirety of this year on my mission! For this whole year I stayed in a geographical area of less than 20 square miles (and that's just me guesstimating big).

Watch this Mormon Message about New Years, it's one of my favorites!

Too cute, right? But also such an important thing to remember this time of year. As we reflect on the past year, we should be learning from the past, not dwelling on it. We should look forward, knowing that Heavenly Father has a plan for us and that maybe some new trials will come with 2015, but so will new opportunities. 

As we make our mandatory resolutions like losing weight or accomplishing some worldly achievement, let's remember what a great opportunity resolutions can be to better ourselves spiritually. So for 2015, my big resolution is to remain a missionary even after I go home from my full-time mission. I'll only be able to spend 3 months of the coming year with an official name tag pinned on my shirt, but I can spend all 12 with that same name tag painted on my heart.

I challenge everyone who reads this to make a goal to better themselves spiritually somehow. Make a goal specific to your needs and your strengths and weaknesses. I know that as we take this special opportunity to show Heavenly Father that we are ready to take big or little steps toward Him that we will be blessed. He will help us as we strive to do our best and overcome our weaknesses.

Another New Year's resolution? Get to this place as often as possible!
President Thomas S. Monson gave this counsel for eternal joy and I think it applies perfectly to making this new year the best one yet!
"Gaze upward
Look inward
Reach outward and 
Press forward."

Have a wonderful, safe, fulfilling New Year!!

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