Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Change Is Good!!

The inevitable part of serving a mission is the fact that there will be lots of changes. You will change. The areas you serve in will change. Even the people you know back home will change (on a completely unrelated note, I saw a picture of my brother on Facebook today and I didn't recognize him, so that was just great).

Change is pretty much a universal fear among the human family. But sometimes it's exactly what you need!

One of the changes that will happen on a mission is transfers. Every 6 weeks a new transfer begins. There are two things that can happen to you during a transfer, either you stay in the same area or you get transferred to a new one. I survived four whole transfers in the same area. It was the biggest blessing of my life! I have spent the past six months in the Highgroves YSA ward. It feels like home. But as the next transfer came creeping up I could feel a change coming. I have been called to serve in a family ward in Apache Junction, Arizona!

This change is hard. Highgroves is home, I have made so many wonderful friends here, and I have learned a lot about myself and how to be a member of the church when I get home from my mission.

But I know that I am going to learn so much in my new area! I know that the knowledge and experiences I have gained in Highgroves will bless me and help me in my work in the Ocotillo ward. I know that Heavenly Father called me to my new ward because there are people I need to meet and things I need to do there.

So thank you Highgroves. Thank you for all the fun times and opportunities to grow. See you on the flip side!

Ocotillo ward, you better be ready, because this sister missionary is ready to take on Apache Junction.

When things change, don't worry. That's how Heavenly Father works. He knows what is best for you and He has a plan for you. Trust in Him and rely on Him in everything that you do.

Sister Sparhawk

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